What Are Couple Rings?

What Are Couple Rings?

What Are Couple Rings? Is It Necessary to Buy Both Couple Rings and Diamond Rings when You Get Married?

Couple rings are mainly used to express their commitment to and attention to each other. Now, except when getting married, newlyweds need to buy wedding couple rings. It is also normal for couples to buy wedding couple rings when they are in love. So what kind of material is good for couple rings? On which finger do couple wear their rings? What's the difference between couple ring and a diamond ring? Next, the editor will introduce the meaning and moral of couple rings in detail, including the purchase and wearing of couple rings. Let's have a look at the encyclopedia of couple rings.


What Do You Mean by Couple Rings?

1. What Do You Mean by Couple Rings?

1.1 What Are Couple Rings?

Couple rings are simply a couple of rings for lovers. It is generally two rings with similar styles, which can be seen as a pair at a glance. The style is also simple. Couple rings are indispensable jewelry for lovers to express their love and for newlyweds to marry. The small ring is put on the fingertips of lovers. It is a declaration and witness of love. It is a symbol of eternal love until death. It is romantic and warm, sweet and dreamy.

1.2 What is the Moral of Couple Rings?

Moral 1: Commitment

The meaning of the wedding couple's ring is to make a lifelong commitment to the other party. It is said that the ring finger of the left hand has a blood vessel leading to the heart. Therefore, if the ring finger of the left hand is covered with a ring, it means that a heart belongs to, and sincerity is the highest yearning for love. And the couple ring is the yearning for sincere love and most important commitment to each other during love.

Moral 2: Announcement

Couples often like to show their love when getting along. In fact, this kind of behavior is also to announce to others that the other party is their own intention. Therefore, lovers who wear a couple's ring must have a good relationship and stable eyes and want to show the other party's existence to others. Therefore, wearing a couple's ring also has the meaning of announcement.


What's the Difference Between a Couple Ring and a Diamond Ring?

2. What's the Difference Between a Couple Ring and a Diamond Ring?

2.1 Different Styles

Couple rings are paired rings, most of which are a couple of rings and wedding rings. They refer to rings worn by both men and women together. They are generally used in daily life. The style is simple. The diamond ring is a ring inlaid with diamonds. It is usually used as a ring for proposing marriage. The man gives it to the woman as a token of commitment, so the style is more luxurious.

2.2 Different Decorations

An engagement ring is usually not engraved with any words. On the wedding ring, the couple can engrave the surnames, abbreviations and dates of both men and women, or engrave the words of the bridegroom expressing his feelings and love.

2.3 Different Moral Meanings

Couple rings symbolize mutual affinity, the continuation and sublimation of love, and the commitment to future happiness. The diamond ring symbolizes nobility and purity and conveys lovers' eternal yearning for love and loyalty. Do you want to buy both couple rings and diamond rings? Not necessarily. The diamond ring is usually a token when the man asks the woman to marry him. It belongs to the woman only. The ring for lovers is used by men and women to exchange rings when they get married.

2.4 Different Prices

The style of couple rings is relatively simple. They are usually made of K gold or platinum, and their value is generally around two to three thousand to five or six thousand. The value of a diamond ring depends on the size of the diamond. The value usually ranges from 89000 to 560000, and there is a higher value.


Are the Couple Rings for Engagement or Marriage?

3. Are the Couple Rings for Engagement or Marriage?

3.1 Couple Rings Are for Marriage Only

There is a link in the wedding ceremony where the bride and groom exchange rings, which means that they should give each other the ring. On the other hand, after marriage, the ring can be used to express the relationship between two people easily or remind each other that they have a family.

3.2 Both Engagement and Marriage Can Use Couple Rings

Generally speaking, the engagement only needs to buy a diamond ring, and the man will wear the woman's finger. However, when the engagement ceremony is relatively large and formal, it is also recommended to purchase a pair of engagement rings to facilitate the exchange between the two parties at the ceremony.

Tips: When buying engagement rings and wedding couple rings, it is mainly decided according to your own economic situation. Engagement diamond rings are generally of high value. When the economic situation is relatively general, you can only buy a pair of simple and practical couple rings. Read more: What is the Difference Between Engagement Ring and Proposal Ring?


On Which Finger Do Couple Wear Their Rings?

4. On Which Finger Do Couple Wear Their Rings?

4.1 Couple Ring with the Middle Finger

Generally speaking, the ring of a couple will be worn on the middle finger of a boy or girl. The middle finger represents the adjacent ring finger of a married person. Wearing the ring on this finger also means that they are engaged or in love. It is only one step away from marriage.

4.2 Couple Wear Ring Finger of Left Hand on Wedding

According to Western culture, people believe that the left hand can accept the good fortune given by God. It is said that there is a blood vessel on the ring finger that connects to the heart. Therefore, in the West, no matter whether men or women, wedding rings should be worn on the ring finger of the left hand. In China, although there is still a saying that men are left and women are right, in order to make daily work more convenient, most men and women wear wedding rings on the ring finger of their left hand.


Do Men or Women Buy Wedding Rings?

5. Do Men or Women Buy Wedding Rings?

5.1 The Man Buys

The wedding ring is the witness and token of marriage, and also the embodiment of the man's willingness to share his life with the woman. According to traditional customs, the wedding ring is usually purchased by the man. When he buys three gold coins, the man will buy the wedding ring together.

5.2. The Woman Buys

If the economic conditions of the man do not allow it, and the woman's family is relatively rich, the woman can also buy it to reduce the man's economic pressure.

5.3 Both Parties Jointly Purchase

With the deepening of the idea of equality between men and women in recent years, many couples will also choose to buy a wedding ring for each other, that is, the man's wedding ring will be purchased by the woman, and the woman's wedding ring will be purchased by the man. In this way, it is meaningful to exchange tokens at the wedding.


What Material is Good for Wedding Couple Rings?

6. What Material is Good for Wedding Couple Rings?

6.1 Platinum Couple Ring

Platinum is a naturally white precious metal. When the platinum content reaches 85% or more, platinum jewelry must bear the pt mark. Platinum material is more suitable for diamond inlaying, because platinum has excellent toughness and ductility, and diamonds are also set firmly, so the style will be more gorgeous.

6.2 Gold Couple Ring

The reason why gold is popular is not only because of its value-preserving function and elegant temperament but also because many newlyweds choose gold rings because they represent eternal love. The gold ring is very suitable for daily wear.

6.3 18K Gold Couple Ring

18K gold also belongs to gold. It contains 75% of gold. It is hard and suitable for inlaying diamonds and gemstones. It is not easy to deform. Its value preservation function is only secondary to dry gold
There are three common colors of 18K gold: red, yellow, and white.

Tips: Gold, platinum, and K gold have their own advantages in making wedding couple rings. When purchasing, you can decide according to your preference and budget. When the budget is sufficient, you can choose diamond inlaid platinum and white 18K gold rings. When the budget is slightly small, you can choose plain platinum or gold rings.


How to Choose a Couple Ring?

7. How to Choose a Couple Ring?

7.1 Select According to Budget

The first step in buying a wedding couple's ring is to look at your own economic budget and formulate an economic budget that is suitable for you. It can not only resist the impulse to blindly consume but also shorten some space for selection and reduce the workload when shopping. What is the price of a couple's ring? The price of wedding couple rings varies from several thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the material, style, brand, etc. The silver couple rings for couples generally cost only a few hundred dollars

7.2 Choose the Right Materials for Couple Rings

If you choose a couple's ring to wear for a long time, the requirements for workmanship should also be high. The material of the ring bracket also has the inlaying process. You should consider that you can generally choose the K gold inlaid ring because it will be more compact and not easy to drop the diamond.

7.3 Choose the Right Style for Couple Rings

When choosing the style, you must choose according to your own preferences. On the other hand, you can choose according to your own hand type. When you buy, you can try several kinds of Couple rings to see what kind of hand type you are suitable for. Since wedding couples wear rings for more than ten years after marriage, you can choose some classic and simple styles.

Choose the Right Style for Couple Rings
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