What if the Silver Ring Has Scratches?

What if the Silver Ring Has Scratches?

Abstract: Silver rings, especially sterling silver rings, are soft in texture. If they are worn for a long time, they will inevitably be touched by sulfur. Scratches are normal. If the scratches are serious and visible to the naked eye, they can be sent to a jewelry store for maintenance and repair. Generally, special personnel will repair them, mainly by grinding and polishing. This method is just to move the metal where there are scratches, It will not affect the size and weight of the silver ring. Now let's find out what to do if the silver ring has scratches.


1. is the Scratch on the Silver Ring Normal?

Many young people have a special liking for silver products. Among them, the silver ring is a very popular silver jewelry. However, after many friends bought syllables, they found that there were scratches on the syllables. Is this normal?
Common silver rings are usually 925 Sterling Silver Rings and sterling silver rings. In contrast, sterling silver rings are softer and easier to scratch. If the silver ring has scratches at the time of purchase, it indicates that there is a problem in the manufacturing process and it can be replaced by the merchant.
If it has been bought for a period of time, it may be caused by careless wear in daily life, sulfur and sulfur collision, or scratches caused by collision with other hard objects. This is normal. If the scratch is serious, it can be repaired.


2. What if the Silver Ring Has Scratches?

The silver ring has been worn for a long time. It is normal to have scratches. If there are visible scratches, they will affect the beauty and texture. At this time, they need to be repaired in time.

Scratches on silver rings are generally difficult to repair by themselves. In most cases, silver rings with scratches can be sent to jewelry stores for maintenance and repair. Most businesses have complete repair plans for scratches on jewelry, usually polishing and polishing.


3. Will Silver Ring Repair Scratches Affect Weight?

The silver ring is sent to the silver jewelry store to repair the scratch. It is usually repaired by polishing. Some friends worry that the silver ring will have some wear after repair, which will affect its weight, but in fact, it will not.

Jewelry stores repair the silver ring but move the metal where there are scratches. The total volume of the silver ring will not be reduced, so you can rest assured.

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