How to Choose the Rings? Comprehensive Guide to Purchasing Rings

How to Choose the Rings? Comprehensive Guide to Purchasing Rings

"Hold your hand and grow old with you." The ring often means that a happy couple has finally achieved success. It is the sacred mission entrusted by the ring that makes people be more careful when choosing it. Many newlyweds do not know much about ring shopping, so how to buy the right ring for their beloved? Don't worry. Today we will give you a full strategy of ring selection and purchase, helping you to give the She or He in your heart a romantic surprise.


1. Recognize the Seal on the Inner Ring

The seal on the inner ring of the ring can be said to be one of the most important references for selecting a ring. Generally speaking, the inner ring of the jewelry rings sold in regular jewelry stores is marked with a seal. For example, the inner ring of a platinum diamond ring with a diamond weight of 0.23ct and a platinum fineness of PT900 should be marked with words such as "PT900, 023". According to these marks, we can distinguish them by comparing them with the price tag and the inspection certificate. If it is an 18K gold ruby ring, its inner ring should be marked with the words "18K or 750".

2. How to Choose the Size of the Ring

Everyone has different finger sizes and different aesthetics. Therefore, we must make great efforts to buy rings. On the basis of their own, wear style and fashion. The highest level is that a ring can fully focus and refract the whole person's temperament to others, that is to say, the dispersion of temperament
The standard of ring size is called hand size, which is measured by number. The positions are divided into Hong Kong style and American style, and most of them are Hong Kong style in China. Most people's hand inches are between 4 and 26. The safest way to measure them is to ask the clerk of the jewelry store to measure them for you, or you can measure them by yourself using the method published on the Internet: find a thin rope or piece of paper, circle the place where you get the ring around your finger, make a mark on the overlap of the rope or piece of paper with a pen, and then measure its length with a ruler, which can be known by comparing it with the hand inch comparison table.


3. How to Choose the Style of the Ring?

There are various styles of rings. The effect of wearing the same ring on different hands will vary depending on the thickness and length of the fingers. The shape of the finger, whether thin or full, can play a decorative role with the finger if you choose to wear the right ring, and can timely express your personal characteristics and style. If your fingers are thin, you can choose the style that suits your heart at will. If your fingers are round, you can choose a ring with a wider ring face or an obvious design theme to turn your attention to the ring; Women with long fingers can choose more elegant style rings. The following are purchasing methods for different finger features.

3.1 Fingers Too Short

No matter what kind of ring you wear, it is suitable for people with thin and long fingers. On the other hand, it is very difficult for people with short fingers to wear some styles well. Therefore, for those who have such troubles, the most sensible choice is the V-shaped ring. The root of the finger is below the V character, which will produce an illusion of lengthening, and the finger will look thinner than it actually is. Some people will think that "despite this, they still don't like the sharp feeling of the V", so they might as well try the U style, which will have the same effect.

3.2 Flesh Hands

The meat hand has a feminine soft feeling and is quite attractive. However, the person concerned often reflects that "after wearing the ring, it looks like the ring is almost swallowed by meat..." This kind of ring is more suitable for people to wear. It has a certain volume and is designed gently. On the other hand, the thin one is the last to wear. Straight and wide rings are also not recommended, because the effect will be terrible when edema occurs.

3.3 The Finger is Too Big

If your fingers belong to this category, when you wear the ring, the fingertips between your fingers will become an obstacle, preventing you from wearing the ring to the end. So it looks like the fingers are shorter than they really are. So here I recommend a curved ring. The soft wavy shape will create a visual illusion of moving the root of your finger downward, so it should look like your actual finger length. V-shaped and U-shaped rings can also have the same effect, so you might as well try more to find the one you are most interested in.

3.4 Dark Skin

Common people may think that wheat-colored skin represents health and that there should be no worries. However, if you are wearing a wedding ring, color matching will become a problem. Because most wedding rings are made of white metal materials such as platinum, some people will care about "wearing platinum or platinum, the skin looks very pale". This kind of person recommends gold rings (except platinum). Gold is good, but the combination of platinum and gold can also greatly change the impression of dull skin.

3.5 Finger Joints are Too Thick

For those who own such fingers, the ring must pass through the finger joint if they want to wear it to the root of the finger. Therefore, the size of the ring must meet the size of the joint. In this way, people who have large differences in the thickness of the finger joints and the root of the finger will have trouble with the ring sliding left and right at the root of the finger. Therefore, it is recommended to use simple styles without patterns or gemstones or rings with designs throughout the ring. In this way, even if the center of the ring designed in advance is deviated, or even slides to the palm side, it will not cause too much concern.


4. Matching Skills of Rings

4.1 Ring Goes with Watch

If a ring matches a watch, its charm will increase greatly. The principle is: gold matches gold, elegance matches elegance, and timing matches time. If you wear colored gemstones, you should pay attention to matching and harmonizing the color of the cuffs of bracelets, watches and long sleeved shirts.

4.2 Overlapping Matching Ring

If you want to match the rings in a rough way, you should pay attention to that the rings and materials should be basically the same. Straight lines should match straight lines, and curves should match curves. The two rings should have the same color and thickness.

If you want to wear both rings on one hand, you should match simple styles, such as V-shaped rings with single gem rings, thick rings with gorgeous rings.

If you want to wear the ring with two hands separately, it is better to wear the ring with the middle finger and index finger, and the middle finger and ring finger. Do not wear the ring with the index finger and ring finger overlapping, because the middle finger is separated, it will appear incongruous.

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