How to Wear the Ring and How to Choose the Size of the Ring?

How to Wear the Ring and How to Choose the Size of the Ring?

The ring is a kind of age-old Accessories. The ring is used as a token and symbol of love. However, different regions have different ways of wearing the ring. The material of the ring is generally gold, silver, jade, gems, diamonds, etc. It is important to choose a ring that suits you. What is important is to see the quality, style, size, etc. of the ring. The following is the ring encyclopedia to learn more about rings


1.The Material of the Ring

1.1 Gold Ring -- Deep and Precious Love

Gold is a traditional jewelry material, which has been made into rings, earrings, necklaces and other jewelry from ancient times to the present, and is loved by all walks of life. The gold ring, as a long-standing existence, is the choice of those who love tradition and value preservation. When selecting gold rings, we should pay attention to quality, brand, mark, use and size.

1.2 Diamond Ring -- The Symbol of Pure Love

Diamonds are pure, transparent and unchanging, symbolizing the eternal pursuit and loyalty to love. Diamond is the hardest material in the world, so it symbolizes the eternity of marriage; Its crystal clear appearance symbolizes the purity and beauty of love, so the diamond ring has become a must wear for marriage. Pay attention to the 4C standard when selecting wedding diamond rings, that is, carat, color, cutting and cleanliness.

1.3 Sterling Silver Ring - Simple Love

The silver ring is good in quality and cheap in price, which makes many women love it. Although 925 silver is the most affordable one, it does not mean low grade, but gives rings some simple love. The silver ring is not only elegant in style, but also will not affect the skin if you wear it for a long time in your life. The selection of silver rings should pay attention to the material, style, price and quality Dimensions.

1.4 Platinum Ring -- Eternal Love

Platinum is the most precious and rare ring material, and it is loved by people because of its purity and impurity free characteristics. Making a ring symbolizes that love is pure and eternal. Even if you wear it for a long time, it will not fade. Therefore, people hope to express their undying love through platinum rings, and platinum is also known as "love metal". When purchasing white gold (platinum), please pay attention to the PT logo.

1.5 Jade Ring -- A Symbol of Warmth and Beauty

The ring made of jade is mainly to highlight the warmth of jade. Jade rings are suitable for men, women, old and young. We all know that "jade supports people, and people support jade". Jade rings are mainly selected from their styles, types, jade quality, colors, defects and prices.

1.6 Gem Ring -- Rich and Elegant

Gems are precious mineral resources. Jade represents love, pearl represents nobility, amethyst represents health, alertness and luck, and crystal makes more people fall in love at first sight with its unique magnetic energy. The principle of selecting and purchasing gemstone rings is to select the quality according to the budget, not excessively require the cleanliness, judge the authenticity, and select the inlaying materials.


2. The Wearing Method and Meaning of the Ring

2.1 Does a Man Wear a Ring on His Left Hand and a Woman on Her Right?

It is meaningful to wear a ring with the left hand, while the right hand can be worn casually. There is no saying that men are left and women are right, but there is a traditional distinction between men and women in China. The correct way to wear a wedding ring should be to wear a nameless ring on the left hand of both men and women.

2.2 Which Finger Does the Ring Wear?

The little finger of the left hand -- An Unmarried Family.
The third finger of the left hand -- Already Married.
The middle finger of the left hand -- Already Engaged.
One index finger of the left hand -- Unmarried Yet.
One thumb -- Symbol of Power.

Internationally, the left hand represents "marriage" and the right hand represents "love", so the fingers at the same position of the left and right hands have opposite meanings, which is easy to remember. Generally speaking, if you want to reflect your marriage, you can wear the ring on your left hand. For example, wearing a ring on the middle finger of the left hand indicates that you are engaged, wearing a ring on the index finger of the left hand indicates that you are unmarried, wearing a ring on the little finger of the left hand indicates that you are not married, and wearing a ring on the ring finger of the left hand indicates that you are married.


3. Ring Size Comparison Table

Ring Size Comparison Table

4. Selection and Purchase of Rings

4.1 Look at the Seal and Identification Certificate of the Inner Ring

The seal on the inner ring of the ring can be said to be one of the most important references for selecting a ring. Generally speaking, the inner ring of the jewelry rings sold in regular jewelry stores is marked with a seal. According to these marks, we can distinguish them by comparing them with the price tag and the inspection certificate.

4.2 Selection of Ring Size

The standard of ring size is called hand size, which is measured by number. The positions are divided into Hong Kong style and American style, and most of them are Hong Kong style in China. Most people's hand inches are between No. 4-26. The safest way to measure them is to ask the clerk of the jewelry store to measure them for you, or you can measure them yourself by using the method published on the Internet: find a thin rope or piece of paper, circle the place where you wear the ring around your finger, mark the overlap of the rope or piece of paper with a pen, and then measure its length with a ruler. You can find out by comparing it with the hand inch comparison table.

4.3 Selection of Ring Styles

The ring with appropriate shape can be selected according to the hand type, so as to better express personal characteristics and style. If your fingers are thin, you can choose the style that suits your heart at will; If your fingers are round, you can choose a ring with a wider ring face or an obvious design theme to turn your attention to the ring; Women with long fingers can choose more elegant rings.

4.4 Ring Matching Skills

If the ring matches with the watch, its charm will increase greatly. The principle is: gold with gold, elegance with elegance, and timing with vertigo. If you wear colored gemstones, you should pay attention to matching and harmonizing the color of the cuffs of bracelets, watches and long sleeved shirts. If you want to match the rings in a rough way, you should pay attention to that the rings and materials should be basically the same. Straight lines should match straight lines, and curves should match curves. The two rings should have the same color and thickness.

4.5 Selection of Ring Brands

The ring brand selection is very important. Although the brand ring is a little more expensive than other rings in price, the brand product can be more secure, and the style is more novel, and the workmanship of the product is more refined.

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